Saturday, December 15, 2012


I went shopping with some friends yesterday at the Seiersberg Shopping Center here in Austria and picked up a few things. I was really excited to come across a Lush store because I was in desperate need for a new facial scrub. I had never purchased any facial products but the lady in the store recommended the Dark Angels Facial Scrub. It's number 2881 and to be completely honest I'm not really sure how to use it, the lady wasn't very clear about it so if any of you have some tips or experience with Lush products please leave some comments down bellow. 
I'll probably be doing a review on the product later on when I get more use out of it. Something I really did like about it tho was that it's an everyday scrub. I really like doing a thorough scrub everyday because I don't have the best skin and if this can help, that'd be fantastic. Oh! Also, the scrub was about 9,95 euros so pretty affordable for the everyday shopper. I also picked up some little things like a nail polish and new cheeky iphone case. Yes, it has bunny ears but it was only 3 euros and I really needed a new case. The nail polish is by the BIPA brand and it comes out beautifully, I would say it could be seen as a cheaper alternative to the Essie collection's wicked. It's a deep red that can be seen as black in some lighting and red in others. 
As for clothing, I still haven't found a store I generally like in Austria but I came across a great sale in Orsay where pretty much everything was 25% off. I picked up a peplum style dress that drops lower in the back than in the front. It's a nice shade of black with gold spikes around the collar and on the arm details. It came out to be about 21 euros so I thought it was worth the buy. Plus peplum dresses are very in style at the moment and they fit almost all body types. 

I'm waiting for a few things that I ordered online to come. If anyone knows some good online shopping websites or places in Europe I could check out that'd be great. I'm going to be doing some more shopping for Christmas soon and would love to hear what's on your Christmas Wish List. Leave comments down bellow. Also, I'm waiting on my new pair of hair extensions to come in the mail. I'm super excited and will be doing a review on them as well. 
Till next time 
xoxo Steffy

Sunday, October 21, 2012


so I'm in Austria! I have been for about a week now and I'm really starting to consider getting back into blogging. I've been considering making a youtube account as well but I honestly don't know how to start; especially like camera wise. But anywho. so I've been here for about a month now and I just wanted to post some pictures of life here. I'm going to be posting clothing and such too but here's some scenery.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Late night tears.

Everywhere I look lately I get so sad, my house, my room, my bed, out my window. I don't think I'll ever see them again after I move. And I still think about josh all the time; just his name makes my body stop and cringe in pain sometimes. But it's not him that I miss, it's having a best friend, someone there to fall asleep with, to cry to, to talk to. Every night I go to bed alone and every morning I wake up alone. I'm just really lonely. Today I found some jokes that I know josh would have loved laughing at with me and I realized I have no one to laugh with anymore. I don't have anyone to go to when my family is fighting, I have no one to rely on when something's wrong. I'm moving half way across the world and I'm completely alone. It's supposed to make me stronger but I just feel so weak, I miss not crying myself to sleep. I just miss not having these etched in frownlines from late night tears.

Sunday, September 2, 2012


I hate how I always think of the worst. I have no idea what life is like for him now. but I just assume it being much better than it was when he was with me. I'm honestly just imagining him smiling and laughing with someone other than me right now.

ouch. haha, I feel like throwing up.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

More from the Road

The day made me really down and I had a terrible outing with my family but I ended up taking some really amazing pictures and buying a suitcase that's huge for $25.00.

Santa Monica Bound

Yesterday my family and I took a trip to Venice Beach, 3rd Street, and the Santa Monica Pier. Overall it was a really fun day but, it wasn't much shopping. More of a walk and windowshop kind of adventure. I didn't get to take many pictures but it was actually really enjoyable. Going to China Town and Olivera Street today and pictures will be up, here are only a few from yesterday! 

Friday, August 3, 2012

Revlon ColorStay Whipped Foundation

Hey guys! So, I actually wanted to make a post about one of my recent buys that has definitely become one of my favorite drugstore products purchased probably ever. I've been looking for new products to buy for my make up collection that are long lasting, affordable, and are really just products I'm going to want to use every day. Foundation is one of the hardest things to buy where you are completely happy with the end result and didn't have to blow a ton of cash. I researched a bunch of products and I've tried out other drug store foundations such as the Fit Me collection or anything from Covergirl and nothing truly helped make my skin look smooth and finished without being either too liquidy or too cakey. A lot of gurus started raving about the new Revlon ColorStay Whipped Foundation and I thought to myself that before I cave and go buy a Mac Foundation for sixty dollars, I'll give drug store make up one last try and buy this product.
I bought the color 200 in Sand Beige for about $10.00 from my local Wall Mart about two and a half weeks ago and I have been using this product every single day since. The first time I applied it I actually used a bit too much, I did use my fingers and I dabbed a bit on both my cheeks, my chin, my forehead, my nose and I absolutely used too much. You don't have to use more than maybe two finger dabs worth for an entire face coverage. Once I grew more used to the product I started using it in smaller portions and it is not cakey, it leaves my skin feeling so smooth and finished. Also, since I'm still growing out of my teenage years, the foundation did not make me break out or even clog my pores; it simply did it's job and enhanced my true complexion. It feels like I'm not wearing any foundation at all. Also, Revlon sells this product by explaining it has a 24 hour hold and I'm not going to lie, I don't doubt it. It's the summer and foundations often sweat off or crinkle almost right bellow the eyes or around my laugh lines and this foundation left me smooth and glowing all day.
The foundation has .8 ounces of product inside and it's case is made out of glass but I already know that it's going to last for a very long time. I'm so glad that I didn't splurge for a more expensive foundation because as other reviews have said, this drug store product is just as good if not better. Do any of you have the Revlon ColorStay Whipped Foundation? Or what are some of your favorite foundation products?

Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Pooch

Today was one of those rough realization days where I had to start dealing with a huge aspect of the move. I'm going to have to be leaving my best friend, my dog. Sparcky and I have been inseparable since I first got him in third or fourth grade. He's this little weenie dog that's a complete grouch to everyone but me that I honestly adore with all my heart. He's the only one that's been there with me through everything and in so many ways I just feel like I'm abandoning him or that he'll think I'm neglecting him. I just feel like taking him away from all his friends (our other pets) and bringing him away from my family will make him so sad; I feel like I won't have enough time for him in Austria, especially since I'm going to be getting settled into the new country myself. I just don't want him to think this is an easy choice, to leave him and have to say goodbye to my baby. I know it's silly and a lot of people don't understand the bonds a person can make with an animal but he chose to stick by my side and bark at anyone who had intentions of doing my harm, he kept me warm and snuggled with me when I was cold, and everytime I cried he came and licked my hand just to remind me someone is there. I've never felt alone because I always had my best friend there to love me; and now I'm going to have to say goodbye to the little guy. I just wish I could tell him, make sure he really truly understood that I don't want to leave him, it's not something that I have control over and that this way I think in the long run he'll be happier. And I want him to know that there will never be a single day that goes by where I will stop loving him or missing him. Mostly, I just want him to know that I cherish every day I get to spend with him and that I've learned how important it is to spare those moments and make them last. If you love something or someone I just recommend making sure you show them so they completely know it, because you never know when you'll have to say goodbye.

Lunch Date and Shopping

Went to lunch with one of my best friends today and then on a trip to the mall. Picked up a couple of things.

Eye shadow Palette - E.L.F. 
Cardigan - Brandy Melville 
Browsed in Urban Outfitters and found a neutral eye shadow palette from Eyes Lips Face for only $5.00 so I decided to add it to my make up collection. This cardigan from Brandy Melville is a perfect layering piece; the material is warm and cozy but, I don't think the fabric is very machine washable. It was a valuable splurge item for $52.00. Brandy Melville is a new clothing store that has sparked a lot of attention from fashion gurus on youtube, blogspot, and even instagram. Everyone is checking out their indie boho style and emptying their wallets for the cool new store. 

The Background Story

For fourteen years now I have been living in California and dreaming to go back to my neverneverland Austria; where I was born. I've made it a goal of mine to graduate and then move back to lovely Europe and find a new life there. It's mostly been all talk up until recently. I am graduating high school a year early this month and have officially booked my ticket back home to Graz, Austria for September 21, 2012. I won't be able to come back to the life I had for ten years and it's going to be a journey that will undoubtedly change everything. It's scary and new and I'm only seventeen years old. I'm leaving behind my family, my pets, and my boyfriend in hopes to find somewhere to truly belong. I will be documenting my adventure on this blog so that I'll be able to share not only with myself my journey but with anyone willing to read and follow along. A new beginning written in silly little posts and pictures. Welcome to my life.